New Rule to Quiet Jackhammers

New Construction Rule to Quiet Jackhammers in New York City

New York City is always under construction from side walk repairs to building new skyscrapers. It seems like noisy construction sites in New York City is inevitable. Even in our NYC Construction Law Firm we are affected by some form of construction sounds on a daily basis.

Hence why, New York City is working hard to implement new rules that will require NY construction companies to invest in quieter jackhammers in hopes of mitigating the disturbing noise. It’s been noted some contractors have already started experimenting with new electric jackhammers to reduce the loud noise.

According to Crains New York, the number of complaints involving jackhammers in New York City alone has already reached 9,000 over the past 10 years! That’s close to 1,000 complaints a year.

Not everyone will be happy with this new rule; if the rule goes into effect it will result in New York City construction companies having to buy and or invest in new equipment. This additional cost could later have an adverse affect on construction costs causing them to increase to make up for the new costs of buying jackhammer silencers.

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