MTA, truckers in bridge battle

The Daily News

Saturday, August 11, 2007, 4:00 AM

The construction trucking industry and the MTA will face off in court again Monday over whether heavy trucks should be allowed to cross the Throgs Neck Bridge.

At a news conference last week on bridge safety in the wake of the Minnesota bridge disaster, MTA CEO Elliot Sander announced the rescinding of a program that permits trucks weighing up to 105,000 pounds – more than the bridge’s 80,000-pound truck limit – to cross.

Sander said while the Throgs Neck is safe for motorists, a routine inspection found cracks in the bridge that could be exacerbated by the heavy trucks. That damage is now under repair.

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge denied the trucking industry its request for a temporary restraining order stopping the MTA from ending the waiver.

But Brian Gardner, a lawyer for the Construction Trucking Association, argued the bridge is safe and heavy trucks should be allowed to cross.

A hearing will be held Monday.

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