Driver in Fatal Long Island Crash Is Charged With Drunken Driving
July 19, 2015, Wall Street Journal 

Judge: Vineyard 48 can Keep its Liquor License
November 19, 2014, Suffolk Times

N.Y. Winery Defeats Bid to Have License Revoked
November 18, 2014, New York Law Journal

Supreme Court Judge Rules in Favor of Vineyard 48
May 28, 2014, Suffolk Times

Judge Tosses Out Attempt to Put Brakes on Vineyard 48
May 27, 2104, Southold Local

Vineyard 48 Wins License Reprieve
January 9, 2014 Suffolk Times

Vineyard 48 gets Further Extension on Liquor License
January 9, 2014
Suffolk Times

Judge Upholds Restraining Order Banning Vineyard 48 Dance Parties
July 26, 2012
Suffolk Times

Cascino Makes Felony Plea Deal
July 12, 2012 The Columbia Paper

Former Prisoner May Pursue Malpractice Suit Against Attorney
March 12, 2012 New York Law Journal

Feds Rest In Mob-Union Trial Of Reputed Genovese Soldier Joseph Olivieri
October 27, 2010 
The Daily News

Genovese Crime Soldier Joseph (Rudy) Olivieri To Finger Contracting Big, Prosecutors Say
October 19, 2010 
The Daily News

Misstep By Appellate Counsel Brings Dismissal of Indictment 
July 1, 2010 
New York Law Journal

Leader Of Carpenters’ Union And 9 Others Indicted In Corruption Inquiry
August 5, 2009 
The New York Times

People, Appellant v. Constantine Quadrozzi, Respondents 
August 26, 2008 
New York Law Journal

Panel Finds D.A. Can Prosecute Alleged Polluter Under N.Y. Law
August 22, 2008 
The New York Law Journal

Report Says Mobsters Controlled Bus Union
September 7, 2007 
The New York Times

MTA, Truckers in Bridge Battle
August 11, 2007 
New York Daily News

Truck Stop: Throgs Neck Bans Some Big Rigs
August 9, 2007 
New York Post

Throgs Neck Will Be Closed To Oversized Trucks
June 9, 2007 
The Daily News

Adinolfi, Anthony M. and Dirtman Enterprises, Inc. – Ruling
May 17, 2007 
Department of Environmental Conservation

Mob Ties Sink City Golf Course Contract
January 30, 2007 
Daily News

Broker Charged in Dirt Dumping
June 22, 2006 
The Journal News

Dirt Hauler Indicted In Eastchester Athletic Fields Project
June 21, 2006 
News 12 – Long Island

Hynes Defends Jurisdiction in Enivronmental Crime Case
June 16, 2006 
New York Law Journal

Pollution Prosecution Dismissed on Jurisdictional Grounds
June 12, 2006 
New York Law Journal

Bus Union Official Faces New Charges
November 21, 2006 
The New York Times

Towns Find Field-Building is Dirty Work
October 23, 2005 
The New York Times

Cracks on Throgs Neck Spur a Daytime Ban on Heavy Trucks
October 1, 2005 
The New York Times

Queens Concrete Supplier Is Charged In Pollution Of Creek
July 12, 2005 
The New York Times

Court Orders Dance Club to Hand in Its License
May 25, 2001 
The New York Times

City Closes Dance Club Over Problems With Permits
May 7, 2001 
The New York Times

Ex-Worker Says Nightclub Hid Ailing Patrons
April 21, 2001 
The New York Times

Trying Times for Twilo
October 25, 2000 
The Village Voice

Drug Overdose Kills Man In Chelsea Club, Police Say
July 23, 2000 
The New York Times